The Third Day (CD) - North Atlantic Oscillation

The Third Day (CD)

The new album The Third Day, release October 6th 2014


North Atlantic Oscillation The Third Day

The Third Day 1 - Great Plains 2 - Elsewhere 3 - Do Something Useful 4 - August 5 - Wires 6 - A Nice Little Place 7 - Penrose 8 - Pines of Eden 9 - Dust 10 - When To Stop

CLASH MAGAZINE / OCT '14 Prog is a dirty word. But then, shouldn't all rock music be progressive? Who in their right mind would willingly make something which didn't break new ground, which didn't attempt something different? Edinburgh trio North Atlantic Oscillation don't hide away from their prog roots. Yet this isn't to peg the band as some bunch of Yes devotees - rather, the three piece focus on what could be achieved with bass, drums, guitar and a hefty dose of electronics. New album 'The Third Day' is a startling return. Packed to the gunnels with fresh ideas, North Atlantic Oscillation maintain a molten, fluid sense of what it means to be a rock band. Designed explicitly as an album, each track on 'The Third Day' segues immaculately into the next, with the band aiming to produce something with absolutely no dead space. As a result, each daring new diversion piles onto one another, with the overall effect being quite shattering.