Fog Electric (2CD) - North Atlantic Oscillation

Fog Electric (2CD)

Expanded version of the critically acclaimed second album from NAO


“Moments of brilliance and genuine beauty.” THE SKINNY

“Psychedelic wonder and shimmery tunefulness.. the nexus of pop, prog, post- rock and shoegaze” CLASSIC ROCK PROG

Tracklist CD1 1. Soft Coda 2. Chirality 3. Mirador 4. Empire Waste 5. Savage With Barometer 6. Interval 7. Expert With Altimeter 8. The Receiver 9. Downhill 10. (Theory of Tides)

CD2 1. Chirality (radio edit) 2. Savage With Barometer (Alternate Mix) 3. Chirality (The Invisible remix) 4. One Good Reason 5. Soft Coda (Nedry remix)