‘Hyperactive’, ‘A bit loud’ and ‘I can’t remember, I was pretty hammered’ are just some of the plaudits that Nana White Pepper have received since exploding onto the scene back in 2016.

Based in Blackpool — a seaside town in the north of Earth — “Nana White Pepper have an excitement of their own in the urgency of the music,” a trait that could probably be explained by their hometown’s notoriously low life expectancy.

Like an alt-rock bra, they’ve provided support for acts such as Pulled Apart by Horses, Bang Bang Romeo, Strange Bones and Sophie and the Giants, as well as completing their own (pretty much) sold-out UK tour in 2019.

Because you might come for the thrashing guitars, relentlessly energetic performances and commanding vocals, but you’ll leave with a renewed sense of self and your place in the world. Plus there’s loads of bits you can sing along with, so win-win.

With six wildly successful singles to their name, as well as one flop, Nana White Pepper have truly cemented their place as the greatest alternative rock band ever.

“Anyone who’s seen Nana White Pepper knows these boys pack a rock hard punch. Huge pulsating riffs aligned with powerful punk vocals.” - GIGSLUTZ

“Blackpool four-piece Nana White Pepper are an ideal soundtrack to those days when you need to stir into action.” - DENIM + LEATHER

“Equally melodic and dark with massive fuzzy guitars.” - THIS FEELING

“Scorching guitars with epic vocals. 2020 is looking to be a big year for the Blackpool quartet. Be excited — we are.” - IT’S ALL INDIE

“A lovely expressive and elastic voice backed by powerful riffs. There’s something of The Pale White about some of the tracks to my ear, but Nana White Pepper have an excitement of their own in the urgency of the music. The band have made great strides in 2019, making it to be one of Fred Perry Subculture’s Ones to Watch.” - HALFWAY TO NOWHERE