How to install a new theme

We're continuously developing new themes so you can easily update the look and feel of your Music Glue profile to reflect your own evolution. Try them all out and pick your favourite. Here's how:

1. Login to your Music Glue account , or if you don’t yet have a free profile, click here to set one up today.

2. Head to Profile > Themes, then click on the one you want to install for your profile.

3. In the Designer settings, upload a logo, a background image and start customising the layout, body, typography, buttons and more!

4. Feeling technical? Get even more creative within the Custom CSS window.

5. You can edit and preview your profile freely in the Designer, all your changes will be automatically saved; when you're happy to go live with your new profile, make sure to hit Publish!

Tips for your site:

1. Whatever the theme, you can embed pretty much anything in your Music Glue profile using the Text boxes. Find more instructions here.

We all need a little help from our friends sometimes, and our support team are here to do just that. Email us on or say hi directly via the live chat pop up in the bottom right corner of the user-end of your account.