EXPERIENCES: How to sell experiences to your fans on Music Glue

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Offer exclusive experiences to your fans

Here at Music Glue, we know your fans are important to you. With our easy-to-use Experiences App, we make it possible for you to create and sell absolutely any unique experience you know your fans would love. Whether it be...

  • A meet and greet after a show
  • Credits in your next album's sleeves
  • A Skype call
  • A pint with the band

Music Glue makes it a reality for your fans. The only limit is your creativity!


First, login to your Music Glue account , or if you don’t yet have a free profile, click here to set one up today.

To sell Experiences, you must install the Experiences App in the Music Glue App Store. After you have done this you will be able to set it up in the same way you would any other product. For more info, check below for our handy step-by-step video guide.

We all need a little help from our friends sometimes, and our support team are here to help. Email us on support@musicglue.com or say hi directly via the live chat pop up in the bottom right corner of your account.