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"We’re a down to earth bunch of musicians, tech geeks and industry execs who understand what artists need. We want you to succeed, so we’ve spent 10 years creating a set of clever and easy to use tools, empowering you to do just that."

- Mark Meharry, Music Glue CEO

Why the name “Music Glue”?

Our mission is to allow all artists to sell anything directly to their fans, in a single transaction. This requires sticking a fragmented music industry back together, piece by piece. So it only made sense to call ourselves Music Glue, right?

And how did the company come to life?

Music Glue was born out of frustration in 2007 when Founder and CEO Mark Meharry realised just how fragmented the Music industry was, resulting in a terrible online retail experience for music fans- and in £$ billions left on the table.

What do you mean?

Let’s do a test: go to the website of almost every band on the planet (not using Music Glue that is!) with the intention of buying a pre-order vinyl album, a ticket and merch item, and you’re sent to three different stores, forced to enter your credit card three times, create three different accounts with companies you do not want to be associated with and deal with three different customer support centres chasing the delivery of my orders. By the time you’ve done that, you’ve probably hit your computer a couple times and given up on buying anymore than one item, if any at all.

How did you go about it?

For the past 10 years, we have built an amazing team of passionate people, all of whom are music lovers and firmly believe that through technology there is a better way of getting money into the pockets of artists and those people that work tirelessly for them while offering fans the online buying experience they deserve.

Through various stages- from legal peer-to-peer distribution software in the very early days to ticket agent, ¬Music Glue is today a powerful platform that makes it easy for fans to buy music, merchandise, tickets and experiences directly from the artists they love, in one simple transaction.

Artists, managers, labels, merchandisers and promoters use Music Glue to take control of their online presence and e-commerce, owning their data and selling anything, to anyone, anywhere, via any device, in over 25 languages and currencies. Our platform is not only perfect for the DIY musician, but is also used by stadium level artists requiring sophisticated interfaces with worldwide fulfilment solutions, high demand ticketing, links into international music distributors and state-of-the-art print on demand merchandise solutions.

And since our mission is to allow all artists to sell directly to their fans, we offer the same technology, tracking and reporting tools to all artists for free, regardless of where you are in your career.

Interested to read the whole Music Glue story? Founder and CEO Mark Meharry shares the journey in this 10th birthday blog.

Find our team around the world in London (HQ), New York and Sydney.

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