Fire Alarm!

New Year! New Music!

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Tony Banks-Fire Alarm!.mp3

Fire Alarm! By the Music Bear Tony Banks

"You wanna know how I do’es it? Fuck the Glass ceiling yeah ya boys broke through it. Doing shows in the middle of the sea. When I step into your town All eyes on me. Big boy stepping out and you know I’m bringing sexy back. You can call me Fat cause I Fucking Attack The Track. Haters hold no weight like a feather in the wind. Let’s begin. Hit Play. Bring they career to an end.

Yeah it just so simple. I’m too cute like a baby with a dimple. But show respect when the bear comes through. NY to LA. Talking overseas too. Man I do this for my peoples. Call it Dope cause it’s just so lethal. Light a torch watch it boil and bubble. Now you wack bitches in trouble."