The Warring Twenties - CD - LostAlone

The Warring Twenties - CD

Released 30th September 2022


The brand new LostAlone album The Warring Twenties on CD.

  1. Enduring The Dream
  2. Time Goes Fast When You’re Having Fun (So For A Long Life You Best Have None)
  3. The Last Drop Of Forever
  4. Punchline Punched Back
  5. False Flag Feelings
  6. Lost & Found Balance
  7. Toy Ghosts
  8. I Don’t Need A Rocket To Find My Own Space
  9. Over Under A Spell
  10. The Warring Twenties

Written & Produced by Steven Battelle Mixed by Greg Wells, Adam Noble, Rou Reynolds, Steven Battelle & Rich Collins Mastered by Dick Beetham