The 3 studio LostAlone albums on CD - LostAlone

The 3 studio LostAlone albums on CD

Our three records on CD bundled together.

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    This bundle also includes:

    I'm A UFO In This City CD

    2nd full-length album on CD

    Release date: 5th March 2012

    Track listing: 1. Obey the Rules You Lose
    2. Love Will Eat You Alive
    3. Paradox on Earth 4. UFOria (The Dark) 5. Vesuvius 6. Creatures 7. Orchestra of Breathing 8. Put Pain to Paper 9. Do You Get What You Pray For? 10. We Are the Archaeology of the Futures Past 11. The Downside of Heaven Is the Upside of Hell

    This bundle also includes:

    'Shapes Of Screams' CD

    The third full-length album. Released Monday 7th April 2014

    Track listing; 1. Crusaders 2.The Bells! The Bells!! 3. Hostages (Destiny) 4. Sombre Party (Legacy) 5. G.U.I.L.T.Y 6. Mental Health 7. Apathy 8. Scarlet Letter Rhymes 9. I Was Born To End This Way 10. Requiem 11. Doooooooooomagedon (Global Thermonuclear Metafictional Warfare) 12. Breathing In The Future Exhaling The Past

    This bundle also includes:

    'Say No The The World' CD

    Debut LostAlone album! Originally released March 20th 2007

    Elysium Unleash The Sands Of All Time Silence Music And Warm Bodies Ethereal Genevieve Blood Is Sharp Predators In A Maze Our Bodies Will Never Be Found The Star Chorus Standing On The Ruin Of A Beautiful Empire

    Written By Steven Battelle Produced by LostAlone & Matt Elliss