Demos & Rarities [40 songs] - LostAlone

Demos & Rarities [40 songs]

Music And Warm Bodies - Demo
Predators In A Maze - Demo
An American Nights Sleep - Demo
Creatures - Home demo
We Are The Waste Of An Ancient Race
Hostages - Rough Acoustic Demo
Enough Pain Here To Fuel A Thousand Songs - Instumental Demo
Put Pain To Paper Rough Acoustic Demo
Celebrate You're Strange - Live Demo
Telephone Lady GAGA - Live Cover
Freedom of the fretboard - Live Demo
A Love Letter To Language - Live demo
Our Bodies Will Never Be Found - Early Acoustic Demo
Put Pain To Paper - Demo
Execute - Demo
Non Compos Mentis - Demo
Ten Months Ten Days - Instrumental Demo
Uforia Rough Acoustic Demo
Tremor In Time - Home Demo
Murder - Demo
Exist As Ghosts - Home Demo
Enemy Of The Fate - Live Demo
Visitors - Demo
UFOria Instrumental
Vesuvius - Instrumental
Fascination - Live Demo
Some Days - Live Demo
The Music Stopped With Your Heart - Live Demos
Summertime 59
Hostages Instrumental
Telepathy Nights acoustic
Eugene victor tooms
I Want To Lose Touch - Home demo
Elysium early rough post train Demo
Face Your Mortality - Live Demo
Illumination - Demo
The Downside Of Heaven Is The Upside Of Hell - live demo
Paradox On Earth Acoustic Demo
We Are The Archaeology Of The Futures Past - Intrumental
Orchestra Of Breathing - Instrumental

Spanning the writing process of all three LostAlone records, these are just a tiny percentage of the archives Steven has of all the songs he wrote for the band.