In 1972 most of Lost Organ Unit hatched and arrived feet first. They still wouldn't meet for several decades.

As a young teen, Aspey played a cheap Farfisa organ to old ladies with posh tall drinks in a working men’s club in Wigan. The men ignored him and continued to play snooker, preferring to listen to anything on the jukebox. Really upset by this, he turned his back on the organ, switching to Fender Rhodes piano. He eventually gave that up because it didn’t weigh enough so he turned to a Hammond C3 with Leslie 145 which is really heavy. He hasn’t moved since.

Meanwhile Allardyce, from an early age was convinced that perpetual motion was possible and that somehow it involved blown duck eggs, Lego and a complex network of postman’s elastic bands. The final straw came whilst working in Woolworths, where he was repeatedly caught by his manager at said pastime in the tea room. He was sacked. Jobless, destitute and penniless, he responded to a cryptic advert written in Latin seen in the Friday-ad that he’d found on the pavement in Belfast. ‘TYMPANISTAM AD OPUS ORGANUM TRIO’. Through it he met Aspey who was indeed seeking a drummer to compliment that Hammond sound.

For Rattenbury, times had been hard. Gruelling sixteen hour stints of solo busking in seaside resorts playing selections from the Great Austrian songbook had finally taken their toll. Also countless years of street crooning had encouraged throat nodules that now affected the quality of his yodelling. He regrettably hung up his familiar feathered tyrolean hat and lederhosen for the last time in early 2017 as the final member to join Lost Organ Unit. This would not be Pop-Schrammelmusik, at least not as he knew it, but it was the start of a new chapter.

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