Offgrid:Offline BLUE VINYL 500 only

Limited edition of 500 includes 3 unreleased bonus tracks


The new Looper album finally available on vinyl.

Limited to 500 copies and pressed of transparent blue vinyl.

Includes 3 bonus tracks to download. They are 'Our Own Way Home' (this became the intro and outro on the album, and the melodic theme that occurs throughout the album), 'Lucky Tui' and 'The Back Roads'.

Side A

1 Intro (Down The Lane) 2 What If…? 3 Waiting For Trains 4 Oh, Skinny Legs 5 Offgrid:Offline

Side B

1 Farfisa Song 2 I'm A Photograph 3 Images Of The Shipwreck 4 The Lucky Bird 5 Outro (TipToe Home) Includes download code for full album and bonus tracks