Haul Away! - (12" Vinyl)

12" heavyweight vinyl.

Note for lovers of all things analogue: the music on this LP has never seen a computer. It was recorded to multi-track tape by Liam Watson at his wonderful all-analogue studio Toerag in Homerton, London. It was mixed at Toerag to 1/4" tape, and then mastered from tape direct to disc by Noel Summerville at 3345 Mastering. The LPs were then pressed at Optimal in Germany. No zeros and ones involved!

(Note - all 12" vinyl comes with CD for ease of upload to computers and suchlike)

Side A
1. Battle
2. Haul Away!
3. Rybka
4. River Runs Deep
5. Where the River Don't Flow
6. Empty Handed Blues
Side B
1. Into My Arms
2. Island Song
3. Little i
4. Penelope
5. Bikya

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