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Shadow - Album Downloads

All the downloads from the UK edition of Shadow

06 Realise remix - Anton Newcombe.wav
Eyes Were Young
It Don't Count
Stop or Die
Everything You Want Will Be Yours Tonight
Sworn In
Bonneville Ride
Fuzz Bomb

Shadow is the sound of a band brilliantly combining texture and liveness. This album again sees Little Barrie working with their longtime mentor Edwyn Collins, who co-produced Shadow at his West Heath studio with the band and engineer Seb Lewsley. Never ones to sit on their laurels or make the same record twice, the band build on the raw energy of 2011's King of the Waves with an album that takes them somewhere entirely new.

Track Listing

  1. Bonneville Ride
  2. Fuzzbomb
  3. Sworn In
  4. Stop or Die
  5. Deselekt
  6. Pauline
  7. It Don't Count
  8. Everything You Want
  9. Realise
  10. Eyes Were Young
  11. Shadow