Lindsay Broughton

Lindsay Broughton- Self titled Compact Disc


Lindsay Broughton is about to make us sit up and take notice with her eight song EP is spread across the spectrum, her new single “Restless As The Rain”, is a catchy country radio friendly song that should have country fans taking notice of this new artist. The album produced by Kevin Savigar, who wrote “Forever Young” for Rod Stewart is a smooth modern country offering that is sure to please many a fan. Several writing trips to Nashville spawned the album that was eventually recorded wholly in Canada, with some great studio guitar work, great lyrics, and full sound, a sound you don’t here on a lot of artists first EP. Lindsay is a personable young gal, and that shines through in her songs, her songs about life, about experiences…like a good country song should be. I highly recommend to country fans everywhere to check out Lindsay Broughton’s new EP