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Essential t-shirt for the discerning lady

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You might have a drawer overstuffed with a million tops or shelves cluttered with dozens of printed blouses, but when it comes to t-shirts, less is more as long as you've stocked up where it counts. Sure, it's fun to take every trend for a test-drive, but here at KLAUT we are all too aware that even the most stylish and coordinated of our fans must contend with the horror of limited closet space.

Remember, if you do it right, you can get by with just 11 t-shirts, and what could be more perfect than this beautiful creation? Exclusively designed by the band, this washable t-shirt features not only the iconic 'K' marque, but also a vague sickly green area encircled by a sort of whirly grey smudge motif. Consider this the ideal t-shirt to stock your closet from workweek right through to the weekend and beyond, season after season.

*Please note, this product is available exclusively to the discerning lady. This excludes all non-discerning ladies who are kindly advised to shop elsewhere.