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The Ewafe Project

Sadly every year hundreds of children are abandoned in Kampala’s slums. All children have the right to grow up in a loving family and being denied this has detrimental effects on a child's future well being. Kids Club Kampala launched The Ewafe project in June 2013 to address this problem. Ewafe, meaning “Where We Belong” in Luganda, is supporting children who have been abandoned through providing emergency help and a safe place to live.

The Ewafe project aims to tackle not just the symptoms of child abandonment, but also the causes. They are doing this through providing emergency care packages and a safe place to live for children who have been abandoned whilst arrangements are made for longer-term care within foster families from the local community; support and assistance to encourage local foster families to take in additional children, training of social workers to assist with this and sponsoring children's education; and putting systems and safety nets in place to ensure that this problem does not occur in the first place, through providing family counseling, parenting courses and community income generation projects. Ultimately, The Ewafe Project aims to see a world without lost, neglected, abused, homeless or street children, where no child ever has to feel abandoned or unloved.

Kids Club Kampala is in the process of building the Ewafe project home, in order to provide emergency shelter for abandoned children who urgently need a place to stay where they will be cared for until they can be reunited with family members or suitable foster families have been found for them.

For more information about The Ewafe project and the work of Kids Club Kamapla, please visit www.kidsclubkampala.org/ewafeproject.

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