Kevin McDermott Orchestra - Bedazzled Re-issue - Kevin McDermott

Kevin McDermott Orchestra - Bedazzled Re-issue

with free Orphans CD


Kevin McDermott Orchestra's second studio album re-issued in 2004 with a free CD containing music from the Orphans.

  1. Hole In The Ground
  2. Bad Thing
  3. Are We Having A good Time Yet?
  4. Curious Daylight
  5. Somebody To Believe In
  6. Walking In The Light
  7. Is Anyone Alive?
  8. Master Of The Man
  9. She Comes From The Sun
  10. Tell It 'til It's True
  11. Everything Is Over
  12. 'til the Bough Breaks

Orphans CD 01. Born Yesterday 02. Stop Breaking Down 03. She's Got Gravity 04. Dealing In Silver 05. Tell It 'til It's True 06. Suicide On South Street 07. Green Hotel 08. Cabers