Keroscene are David Troster (Vocals,Guitar), Franco Bondi (Guitar), Edd Wilding (Bass) and Jake Sorbie (Vocals, Drums). They are a band out of step with the world. In a time of bubblegum pop gloss and cultural gentrication, they seek to recall a different era. A time when alternative actually meant something. When there was an actual alternative to turn to! Drawing upon influences from Butthole Surfers and Sonic Youth to David Bowie and Jane's Addiction, Keroscene create raw, psychedlic shoegaze rock, where experimentation and melody are fused in a blistering wall of noise.

Having spent the past two years living, writing and thowing parties in their warehouse "Unit 4" in West London, Keroscene grew tighter and more focused as a unit. Alongside writing material, the band also put on live music BYOB nights at their warehouse. Esben and The Witch, The Telescopes and Swedish Death Candy were just a few of the acts to step through their loading doors and play.

The warehouse parties grew in popularity over time. The nights had a special quality to them. Free from the constraints of normal small scale capitalism, the parties had a freedom remenicent of a retro house party. CBGBs meets Warhol's factory. The message was simple. Come, drink, party and listen to some cool bands.

"The logic was that we were fortunate to have this amazing space and we wanted to use it to its full potential. We set up a studio so we could record and experiment with our material and also so we could help other bands get stuff recorded. Some of the most powerful and meaningful music has stemmed from little, sweaty, shitty clubs. So we wanted to recreate that vibe. Put on shows were people could come down with their mates, listen to some great music and party in a totally open environment" - David Troster

The warehouse parties culminated in a massive 3 day Notting Hill Carnival party last year hosted by Mike Skinner from the Streets. "The party was too big and hectic and it wasn't really our scene, but in a way it was nice to get out of our little rock bubble and do something with the wider music community. We felt as though we were flying the flag for underground culture in London" - Jake Sorbie

But in typical modern fashion, the warehouse was sold to a property developer to be turned into flats and Keroscene were forced to leave. "What happened to us was such a cliche we almost laughed. The landlord gave us 2 weeks to pack up our stuff and leave but we managed to fight it for 6 months, so I guess you can call it a little win. Looking back on it now, we were way too idealistic thinking we could build a scene over time and create a hub were like minded people could interact. London and our culture seems to be going a certain way and that's putting a lethal pressure on our artistic communities."- David Troster

But despite the trials and tribulations of their warehouse adventures, the band maintained and developed the most important thing to them, their music. Being exposed to many great bands, nights and people, having encountered the modern frictions between art and commerce in our capital, Keroscene are a band inspired by the alternative modernity.

The band are set to release lots of new music over the next year and have just been in the studio to record some new track with Eagulls and Pulled Apart by Horses producer Matt Peel. "We want to capture the energy from those shows and bring that feeling across on record". - Edd Wilding.