‘Songs From The Novel Greatest Hits' Download - Kathryn Williams

‘Songs From The Novel Greatest Hits' Download

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Common Ground
Living Free
I Wrote You A Love Song
Just Us Two
Road Of Shadows
Don't Step On The Cracks
She Wears A Dress
Brightest Star
In This Garden
Queen Of The Snow
Edge Of The World
When Morning Comes

Mercury-nominated singer-songwriter Kathryn Williams has announced that she will release a ‘soundtrack album’ to a brand new novel by best-selling author Laura Barnett, that follows the life of a fictional singer. Greatest Hits, the hotly-anticipated follow-up to Barnett’s novel The Versions of Us, will be published on 15th June 2017 alongside the brand new album by Kathryn Williams – Songs from the Novel Greatest Hits, which will be released the following day. The original songs are written by Kathryn Williams, with lyrics by Laura Barnett and Kathryn Williams, and will be released through One Little Indian.

Tracklisting: 1. Common Ground 2. Architect 3. Living Free 4. I Wrote You A Love Song 5. Just Us Two 6. Road of Shadows 7. Don't Step On The Cracks 8. She Wears A Dress 9. Lilies 10. Brightest Star 11. In This Garden 12. Queen Of The Snow 13. Home 14. Edge Of The World 15. Gethsemane 16. When Morning Comes