Collage Kids presents:

Grethe Mangala Jensen - Sandal Sticks Theatre

Karamel, London, GB

Entry Requirements: All welcome
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Photo @ Basildon - Bibbi Productions

Collage Kids is thrilled to have Grethe Mangala Jensen from Sandal Sticks Theatre and her **Travelling stories....

Grethe Mangala Jensen, also known as Sandal Sticks Theatre, a storyteller who draws on her Sri Lankan and Danish heritage. Her Travellers stories are from Poland and beyond….

‘Hello and welcome to Sandal Sticks Theatre ! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Grethe - I love stories, and what I love even more is to share them with people of all ages as they can help you feel good (sometimes sad), teach you lessons, inspire confidence as well as creativity and have been part of human existence since the beginning of time!’

Grethe Mangala Jensen Sandal Sticks Theatre

Collage Kids is a bi-monthly fun packed performance event for early years children (suggested age range up to 6 years) and their families. It is a relaxed performance in the restaurant space. The performance is FREE we just ask for whatever you can donate into our tip jar.

Saturday mornings at 11.30am in MAAD.

Collage Kids

Please RSVP. All welcome, Family Friendly.