You're Not Alone - LIVE From Lockdown - Special Edition

The 'You're Not Alone' EP special edition featuring the live band tracks from the launch party!

For those of you who enjoyed the You're Not Alone EP Launch Party featuring Josef and his band, we're very excited to now share with you this special edition of all the tracks recorded live from lockdown!

Featuring songs both old and new from Josef's back catalogue, Live From Lockdown tries to capture the feel of a live band gig and what we might have been able to experience had all the music venues been closed. Also included is a FREE copy of Josef's brand new EP You're Not Alone which makes this a bargain not to be missed!

This bundle also includes:

You're Not Alone - EP

Josef Pitura-Riley's brand new EP is now available to PreOrder!

It's finally here! Josef Pitura-Riley's brand new EP "You're Not Alone" is now available for Pre Order!

The unstoppable one man band is back with his most ambitious release to date. "You're Not Alone" comprises of several songs with Josef playing and recording every single instrument himself. It's big, bold, brassy pop anthems are sure to put a smile on your face and you'll be tapping along to his catchy songs in no time!

Pre Order from MusicGlue today and all proceeds go towards supporting the artist.

Track Listing:

  1. 100 Songs About You
  2. Jack Of All Trades
  3. Life Isn't Fair
  4. Things Aren't Going My Way
  5. You're Not Alone
This bundle also includes:

Live From Lockdown

Recorded live during lockdown, this virtual gig was recorded for the launch of the You're Not Alone EP.

Now available as part of the You're Not Alone EP special edition, Live From Lockdown is a semi-live recording taken from the EP launch party! While each part was recorded individually from home it has been lovingly mixed to capture the feel of a live performance and just goes to show that music has no bounds!

Featuring - Josef Pitura-Riley on Vocals, Piano, Guitar & Ukulele - Al Howell on Bass Guitar - Amy Spall on Tenor Sax - Cam McBain on Drums

Track List includes: - Jack Of All Trades - A New View - Perfect Summer Day - 100 Songs About You - Life Isn’t Fair - Where Do We Stand - Things Aren’t Going My Way - Time Flies - You’re Not Alone - In The End

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