If you like what you've heard so far, don't miss this opportunity to download ALL of John's music releases, both albums and singles, for an extremely reduced price!

(This offer excludes the Mantra album, which is temporarily unavailable except at live events.)

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    This bundle also includes:

    Secret Place - Download

    These acoustic songs of worship are are intended to allow you to "soak" in God's Presence. This album features peaceful, prophetic instrumentation and singing that will help you to seek the Lord in your personal devotional times or in larger gatherings.

    This bundle also includes:

    Night Sky - Download

    "Night Sky" is passionate song of love, celebrating the beauty of a woman whose eyes have captured the heart of her man. Tender words of adoration are paired with thundering instruments—an expression of what love would sound like if it were a song.

    This bundle also includes:

    Little Strummer Boy: Heaven Is Opened - Download

    Christmas music like you've never heard before. The CD combines fresh, original songs with the best, traditional carols. Featuring pastor Surprise Sithole from Mozambique, Africa. Don't just remember the reason for the season--experience Him!

    This bundle also includes:

    Let Fire Fall - Download

    Let Fire Fall features 10 original songs by John Gabriel Arends. These are songs of passion, crying out for the presence of the living God. These are songs of encounter, intended to draw worshipers before the Throne. These are songs of the Bride to Jesus. These songs are fresh, and they are real.

    This bundle also includes:

    LOVE ALWAYS WINS - Download

    This fiery new album is filled with fresh, original songs of worship, coloring outside the lines to create new sounds and to take worshipers places they have never been before. Stylistically, this album is fully alive and hard-hitting.

    John has partnered with Leif Hetland to produce this album, and a portion of each album sale goes directly toward supporting LMOP—Loving Muslims On Purpose.