Instinctive Racoon presents:

Pronto Mama

The Castle Hotel, Manchester, GB

Entry Requirements: over 18's
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Pronto Mama are a past post-modern bug-eyed beatnik group from Glasgow who are just as confused as anyone else. They are soulful. They believe irreverent wordplay, clean musicianship and a dirty dedication to song-writing is how you do it. The music is built around the songs written by Marc Rooney and Ciaran McEneny, who in coughing copy-cat fashion opted for McEneny/Rooney. Keeping it alphabetical preserves good feeling and the over-arching idea you have of yourself, maybe.

Pronto Mama have a split personality disorder and should probably have never have went to University. The drums are schizophrenic. The bass has an eating problem. There are too many keyboards and their parents can’t tell which is which anymore. The horns were made in Britain so really there is nothing to worry about. Electric guitars feature occasionally but get terribly lonely and morose because they think their girlfriend is going to leave them. She did. They are writing songs about it right now.

Their debut Album 'Any Joy' will be released on Glasgow record label Electric Honey. The label is celebrating 25 years this year and the album will be released on all formats on the 5th of May 2017. Electric Honey is arguably the most famous college record label in the world, with an illustrious past roster of artists spanning it's 25 years, including Belle & Sebastian, Biffy Clyro, Snow Patrol and more recently Woodenbox, Be Charlotte and Pronto Mama.

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