You Should Dance - Imran Mandani

You Should Dance

Hip Hop Dance Club song with a Pop and Latino feel. A song for women to dance to, without raunchy lyrics.

You Should Dance.wav

“You Should Dance” is the first track off Imran Mandani's debut album. The song is a blend of Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music that makes the listener do what the title says. "You Should Dance" tells a "guy meets girl" story from start to finish and boasts three separate choruses. The lyrics allow the listener to relate to what is being sung. "You Should Dance" is a realistic song about male to female interaction and dynamics on a dance floor. Where most Hip Hop club songs have a fantasy aspect and start somewhere in the middle, this song talks about a man trying to get a woman to dance with him from the minute he walks up to her table. The song has an Electro-Pop feel with a slight Latino beat at a moderately fast tempo.