Beneath The Ocean Tide - Imran Mandani

Beneath The Ocean Tide

Blend of Pop, Hip Hop and EDM with fast rapping and singing. Song tells the story of two kindred spirits who connected on a spiritual level.

Beneath The Ocean Tide.wav

“Beneath the Ocean Tide” is the second track on Imran Mandani's debut album. It starts off with a piano solo before transitioning into a fast tempo Dance-club song. The melody has a “Top 40” and mainstream feel with its blend of Pop, EDM, and Hip Hop in the song's bridge. The lyrics are spiritually inspired and poetic. The song tells the story of a man and a woman as kindred spirits who connect with each other on a spiritual and emotional level. There is a bittersweet feel to this song: it brushes on the concept of heartache but never quite touches it as it inspires hope as well.