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Lucky People

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Lucky People

Return of the original alt-skrapsters Imperial Leisure

It's been a right rough year to say the least, but despite having to effectively cancel half of 2016 due to serious illness, Imperial Leisure have managed to pull off some amazing gigs this summer. Whipping revellers into a frenzy at Glastonbury and Electric Beach Festival, they seem untainted and as strong as ever. The Skapunkhiphoprockparty vibes shine through once again with new video Lucky People, taken from current album Lifestyle Brand, and dropping 20th Sept. The track itself will also be available as a free download. The band even had time to squeeze in a cheeky show supporting Newport hiphop legends Goldie Lookin Chain, the onstage carnage was captured at close quarters here, check out the live video!

"Recent events have certainly overshadowed things with being in hospital and having to cancel everything. It was a worrying time but I got loads of love from family and friends. The love off facebook was nuts, really helped me through it all. Now i'm through the other side I'm feeling pumped and I can't wait to get some new recordings down and hit festivals next year." - Denis

Lucky People out 20th Sept. exclusively on - free download available on