Structures - CD (Digipack) - Immanu El

Structures - CD (Digipack)


”Structures” is the 5th full length album from Stockholm based Immanu El – an eight track journey of contemporary, progressive pop music with its roots in the bands symptomatic sound of Scandinavian ambience.

The band started to work with this new album already while touring with their latest album ”Hibernation” in 2017. The music is entirely written, recorded and produced in the band’s own studio in Stockholm, Sweden. With "Structures", Immanu El have challenged their way of making music as well as telling stories. The vocals and lyrics drive the songs forward in a sharper and more captivating way, expressing both soul searching and social criticism more distinct lyricwise and in production. The result is the most exciting album ever made by this talented and emotional Swedish pop group.

Tracklist: 01. Warm Blood Cold Heart 02. Ropsten 03. Overgrown 04. Rain 05. Levels 06. Ikaros 07. Breathe Out Black Out 08. Vesper