Henry Maybury

As a young singer and songwriter, Henry has already had his share of life changing experiences.

A talented rugby player and athlete, Henry was struck down at the age of 14 with a debilitating illness and then spent years in and out of treatment to ease the pain from the resulting arthritis. Quickly recognising that a sports career was a fading dream, Henry turned his focus to something else he loved; music.

As his talent developed, Henry began to perform at festivals wherever he could - from local gigs to national competitions for unsigned acts. But as success appeared around one corner, tragedy appeared around another; Henry’s oldest brother Tom died from an alcohol related illness.

Tom was more than just a big brother for Henry, he was a mentor, critic and a constant source of encouragement for him, even as he struggled with alcohol addiction in the months before his death. Tom’s perseverance only served as an additional inspiration for Henry to succeed, and, when Tom finally lost his battle on February 22nd 2013, Henry knew what he had to do.

Motivated to tell others about his experiences in life, Henry began writing songs that expressed his own personal experiences, both good and bad. Henry’s forthcoming EP will be released in 2014 as a precursor to his debut album ‘Timeline’, and features his debut song “Lost Days” which achieved over a million views on YouTube in just over a week.

Beyond just performing, Henry is planning to cement his launch into the music industry with a campaign to raise awareness and money for addiction charities through a multifaceted campaign that will roll out in September this year.