BGs & Rarities - HECK

BGs & Rarities

A Collection of EPs and B-Sides in classic 320kb/s MP3 audio

The Trooper
Greedy Pete (Demo)
Mooves (Demo)
A Good Idea Realised
A Great Idea Bastardised (EP Version)
In the Name of Science and Progress
At The Oche
Powerboat Disaster
The Gleiwitz Incident
Braille For An Axeman
Dave Lankester
The Three Legged
The Disenchantment Boogie
Streamline Feline
We Dine On Wine and Parking Fines
(You're Not A Love) You're an Addiction


Disc 1 1. The Trooper 2. Brain 3. Pig 4. Greedy Pete (Demo) 5. Mooves (Demo)

Disc 2 - KNOCKOUT MACHINE 1. A Good Idea Realised 2. Trogloraptor 3. Whorepaedo 4. A Great Idea Bastardised (EP Version) 5. In The Name Of Science And Progress

Disc 3 - OCHE 1. At The Oche 2. Powerboat Disaster 3. Thotty 4. The Gleiwitz Incident 5. Braille For An Axeman 6. Dave Lankester 7. The Three Legged

Disc 4 - NPAG 1. The Disenchantment Boogie 2. Streamline Feline 3. We Dine On Wine And Parking Fines 4. (You're Not A Love) You're An Addiction