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HAUS are a 5 piece from North London with Indie Rock and Alternative influences. Members include Sam Kelly (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Daniel Hylton-Nuamah (Guitar), Lyle Simpson (Drums), Ellis Mortimer (Bass, Synth, and Backing Vocals), and Ashley Mulimba (Vocals).

How Did HAUS Come About? -

Daniel, Lyle, Ellis and Sam met and formed a band whilst studying at the Institute of Contemporary Music taking the course and college by storm and gained experience playing a variety of live show with a number of singers.

After spending time writing and rehearsing as a four piece, Ashley, whose old band had just split, decided to join in on synth and then later swapped to guitar and vocals. Thus forming the five piece you have come to know and love today.

How Did We Get The Name HAUS? -

Thats always a good question, well we were doing a bit of soul searching in Morocco, back in the Summer of ’14, and whilst stopping in Marrakech we were having a cuppa tea with a Shamen monk, and mid-conversation, he entered this trance, absolutely overcome with shamanic verve. We kept trying to snap him out of it, and Sam even threw tea in the guys face to rouse him, but nothing would suffice. So about 40 minutes later we’re all sat about, waiting for him to snap out of it, but instead he was riding the astral plain to ecstasy, when suddenly he woke up and whispered the word ‘HOUSE’. After that we decided we’d call the band 'HAUS', and spell it in German as to not confuse it with the Hugh Laurie show of the same name....


We are often asked this question and the story behind our name is actually really boring so we tend to make up overly interesting and random stories each time one of us is asked...


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