Make Your Own - Greg Genre

Make Your Own

Greg Genre's debut album raising money for Musicians Without Borders

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Make Your Own
Pale Blue Dot
Only Home We Have
Continuous Miracle
Box Box Box
Crazy For Peace
Mined Minds
Heart Over My Head

Make your own

All tracks written and performed by Greg Genre copyright 2017. Track 14 written by Greg Genre and John Atkinson.

Greg Genre - Guitar, vocals, piano, harmonica, ukulele, beatbox Simon James-Coleman - Percussion John Atkinson - Bass, guitar 2+3 Emma Welburn-Kelly - Cello Dave Curle - Production (First Avenue Studios) Paul Hood - Photography

Quotations- Jacque Fresco 8 go to and continue supporting his wonderful ideas, David Icke 9 thank you for granting permission.

Thank you for listening. Peace and love for everyone and everything.