Love All Beings - Greg Genre

Love All Beings

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Love All Beings - Album Lyrics.docx
No Need To Seek (Live Ont' Sofa)
The Root Cause
Never Gonna Grumble
Bungalow Or Flat
For The Children
Feel Alive
Still Here
Under The Tree
Dream State
No Need To Seek
Thoughts Into Action
Love All Beings

A collection of songs written and recorded between 2012-2016 both solo and with my previous band BoxBoxBox. All songs written and performed by Greg Genre. Track 13 written by Greg Genre and John Atkinson.

Greg Genre- Guitar, vocals, piano, harmonica, vocal trumpet Emma Welburn-Kelly - Cello Laura Smith- Keyboard, vocals Meghann Clancy- keyboard, vocals Liam Gaughan - Bass, Electronic percussion Jeet Varia - Bass Carl Griffin - Percussion Tom Sooty - Violin

All tracks produced by Owl ears, Liam Gaughan

You can name your price. Money donated for each download will be shared with my chosen charity for this release CIWF (Compassion in World Farming).

Many thanks and hope you enjoy the tunes!