Greg Genre is a singer-songwriter, positive poet and peace activist from Newcastle upon Tyne. His first full album 'Make Your Own' OUT August 11th, critiques our present throw away consumer society and seeks to uplift the listener with positive messages of peace. Proceeds raised from the album will be donated to Musicians Without Borders, a charitable organisations which attempts to 'bridge divides, connect communities and heal the wounds of war with music. (musicianswithoutborders.org).

I will be performing with my great band mates Simon James-Coleman (Percussion) and John Atkinson (Bass) on the 21st of June for World Music Day. A day in which musicians from all over the world play live in support of ending conflict and war. Thanks for listening!

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http://www.savedruridge.co.uk/ Stop the proposed Open Cast Coal mine at one of Northumberland's most beautiful walking spots.