Vultures CD - God Damn

Vultures CD


CD - digi-pack

God Damn’s debut album Vultures presents a universe of sound, from the low-end melodic boom of sneering anthem ‘Silver Spooned’ through the sub-dark psychedelic breakdown of ‘We Don’t Like You’ to the unexpected lo-fi strummed opening of the throbbing and utterly tumescent nine-minute sludge epic ‘Skeletons’. As debuts go, God Damn have nailed their colours to the flagpole and torched the fucker.

Tracklist: 1. Horseley Fields 2. When The Wind Blows 3. Silver Spooned 4. Maladie Melodie 5. Shoeprints 6. By The Wayside 7. We Don’t Like You 8. Horus 9. Vultures 10. Deadpan Riot 11. Skeletons CD Bonus* 12. The Cut* 13. Sullen Fun*