Where Lovers Die (Remastered) - Ghost Trains

Where Lovers Die (Remastered)

Miss Emily
Where Lovers Die
My God Lives in LA
The Greatest Thing
Breathe Again
Making a Mess of My Heart
Kaleidoscope In Blue
So Stupid
Unwrap The Dark
Don't Tear Me Down
Crying For Time
Diving For Pearls
  1. Miss Emily
  2. Where Lovers Die
  3. My God Lives In LA
  4. The Greatest Thing
  5. Breathe Again
  6. Making A Mess Of My Heart
  7. Kaleidoscope In Blue
  8. So Stupid
  9. Lullaby
  10. Unwrap The Dark
  11. Don't Tear Me Down
  12. Crying For Time
  13. Diving For Pearls