Radio Birdman @ Locomotiv Club

Radio Birdman

freakout club, Bologna, IT

Entry Requirements: tessera Aics obbligatoria

Radio Birdman live at Locomotiv Club Promosso da Freakout Club

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Living Eyes (in association with Umbrella Entrainment) are proud to announce ‘Descent into the Maelstrom’ - the untold story of groundbreaking Sydney band Radio Birdman. Written, directed and co-produced by filmmaker Jonathan J Sequeira, the documentary chronicles the rise and fall of the band – from the vibrant music scene they created, to the legions of bands they influenced in their wake.

From 1974 to 1978 Radio Birdman’s uncompromising, high-energy ethos inspired a ‘New Race’ of disaffected youth, ready for a change. Their music directly inspired bands such as Midnight Oil and Cold Chisel, while their DIY attitude and self-released records were the prototype for the indie music scene. They created the Funhouse, a Sydney venue that gave other bands with nowhere to go an opportunity. They championed punk and rock n’ roll from around the globe with the infamous Funhouse jukebox and the kids packed the dance floor, going crazy as the band performed. Radio Birdman’s music wasn’t just the soundtrack for youth, it truly changed Australia.

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