Fierce Disco VI - Digital Download - Fierce Angel

Fierce Disco VI - Digital Download

The Finest Fiercest Disco House Compiled By Mark Doyle

A.01 Brand New Heavies - Sunligh (Extended Album Mix)
A.02 Dave Davis ft. Skye - Changed (Kolombo Remix)
A.03 Artful & Ridney ft. Terri Walker - Missing You (Ridney Re-work)
A.04 Eric Kupper - The Same Old Thing (Eric Kupper's Future Classic Mix)
A.05 Namy ft. Stephanie Cooke - I'm Not Ashamed [I Need You] (DJ Meme Mix)
A.06 Strict Love ft. Zan - Ain't No Man (Extended Mix)
A.07 Auckland House Authority - Rise Up (Jolyon Petch & General Lee Mix)
A.08 Soulmagic - Someone Like You (Full Vocal Mix)
A.09 House Republic - Trapped (mix tbc)
A.10 Timmy Vegas - I've Got Ya Funkin (Vegas Dub)
A.11 Jo Manji - Long Train (Original Mix)
A.12 Peyton & The Fierce Collective - Soul Pilot (Fierce Collective Mix)
B.01 Alf Tumble & Halina - The Right Words (Original Extended Mix)
B.02 - The Str8jackets & Calvin Lynch - What's It All About (Original Extended Mix)
B.03 Paaniq - Never Look Back (Extended Mix)
B.04 S69 & Krista Richards - Can't Quit (S69 Wave Mix)
B.05 Doozy - Disco Chicks (Original Mix)
B.06 Freemasons - Bring It Back (The New Freemasons Mix)
B.07 Andrea Martin - Waiting 4 U (Original Mix)
B.08 Jolyon Petch ft. Natalie Conway - Another Universe (Original Club Mix )
B.09 Mike Jolly & Soraya Vivian - In Between (Fierce Collective Club Mix)
B.10 Freemasons ft. Joel Edwards - Dirty Organ (Extended Mix)
B.11 Fibes Oh Fibes - Cerahtonia (Lucas Nord Remix)
B.12 - Kris Menace ft. Black Hills - Waiting For You (Original Mix)
C.01 Fierce Disco VI DJ Mix 1
C.02 Fierce Disco VI DJ Mix 2

22 Disco House anthems and 2 Dj mixes.