10 Fierce Vol 1- A FREE Mini Digital Download - Fierce Angel

10 Fierce Vol 1- A FREE Mini Digital Download

Celebrating 10 years of Fierce Angel

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01. Self Control (Mike Jolly Remix) - Mirifico Ft. Soraya Vivian
02. My Love Is Deep (Fierce Collective Mix) - Sara Parker
03. How To Love (Eric Kupper Mix) - DJ Kolya & Matuya VS Peyton
04. High (Marm E Duke mix) - Wayne G & Peyton
05. When I'm Dancing (Eric Kupper Fierce Disco Mix) - Soraya Vivian Vs. Digital 96
06. River Flows In You (EK's Extended Mix) - Fierce Collective Ft. Kiss 'N' Fly
07. Paper Lanterns (Sparkmaster Mix) - Mirifico Ft Bonnie Bailey
08. Twisted by the Pool [Digital 96 Deeply Fierce Mix] - Fac 15 Ft. Cathi Ogden
09. Embrace My Heart (Oxford Hustlers Mix) - Bassmonkeys
10. This Womans Work (Fierce Collective Mix) - Fierce Collective Ft. Bonnie Bailey
The Last Unicorn (Bonus Minimix) - Mirifico

10 Fierce & Fabulous tracks from Fierce Angel as our gift to you. From May 2016 Fierce Angel will be celebrating 10 years of providing the finest and fiercest music and events. This mini collection features some exclusive mixes and classic tracks as a thank you for all your support over the years. 10 Fierce Vol 1 includes mixes from Fierce residents Mike Jolly, Marm-E-Duke and Mark Doyle, it also includes an exclusive Mirifico remix of Paper Lanterns taken from the new album "The Last Unicorn" which is available exclusively from this very store. Last and most certainly not least is a special Mirifico mashup featuring the best tracks from their amazing album. The Fierce store is the best place to buy your CD's and Downloads before they hit the major stores and we're offering some amazing deals on the CD back catalogue too. Don't forget to give us a like on Facebook.com/fierceangels and spread the word of this very special free selection of Fierce Anthems. Merry Xmas & An Extremely Fierce New Year from everyone at Team Fierce.

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