With Paper Doors Felix makes the rare quiet spaces and simple still places add up to something special. After years of navigating touring life as co-founder and long-time front man of The Cat Empire, he’s peering over his shoulder to re-glimpse the experience.

“The windows, the planes, the buses, the back stages, even the rush of the performance – all of that makes no sense while you’re on the road” he says. “But when you come back, music comes out of the quiet places I write, this album is looking at different angles of what movement and travel actually can be.”

Paper Doors features three duets -Wasting Time (with Little Birdy’s Katy Steele), the aforementioned In Your Arms with Martha Wainwright, and Snowflakes with Tinpan Orange’s Emily Lubitz. Arriving one after another, in the wake of the infectious build of the opening title track, each duet brings something new and special to Riebl’s own performance. “They all bring something out which is special to me. When I’m able to sing really quietly, the presence of a female character adds some sparkle and character that brings another timbre in my own voice. “

Produced by Andy Baldwin, Roscoe James Irwin & Felix Riebl Recorded & Mixed at Sing Sing Studios, Melbourne Additional Mixing at Rolla Polla Studios, New York

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