Anthemic folk pop group Felicity Cripps Band centres around songwriter Felicity Cripps, whose rich vocals drive the band’s mesmerising performances, alongside saxophonist and backing vocalist Alex Scott Douglas, guitarist Tim Heath (The Basics), and drummer Tom Norton.

Cripps spent her twenties playing around Australia and internationally in various Melbourne-based outfits (HOY, Slow Galo). After moving to the country and taking a step back from her various collaborations, Cripps began to move into solo territory and before too long, FCB was born. Now, Cripps is front and centre and without a stage name to hide behind.

"After leaving Melbourne I spent a lot of time walking through the bush with my little dog, then coming home and writing. Suddenly I had this body of work, much of it seemed to fall out of the sky and into my head. The songs were already so familiar, even as they formed. I got a band together and magically they understood the songs and all the sounds I imagined came to life. Our first live show felt electrifying. Once the FCB became a thing, the record developed in a very short space of time." -Cripps

Raw, rousing, and bewitching, FCB's debut record captures the group’s live energy and the freshness of their dynamic. Recorded in an old school hall in the sleepy Goldfields town of Fryerstown, the record embraces the natural imperfections and echoes the spatial mystique of the recording locale.