The Flat and Paper Sky - Vol. 2

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The second of Feldspar's The Flat and Paper Sky EPs.

Tracklisting: 1. The Flat and Paper Sky 2. Bright Blue Eyes 3. Foolish Man 4. After Hours

"The layers and depth of sound they can achieve are more like the work of veterans than up and comers and the sense of evocation that made Vol 1 such a joy to listen to endures the transfer to stage. When you listen to the band through headphones or speakers it’s like settling down to a beguiling book, but the live version is to hear the master storyteller first hand at his rightful place by the fire." - Vulture and Hound

Released 04 March 2013

Written by Will Green and Ben Lloyd-Evans Produced by Rob Roberts and Feldspar Mastered by Robin Schmidt