Customisable Profile

  • Profiles are so flexible, you no longer need a separate website, your profile does it all.
  • Profiles have an inbuilt e-commerce store, your website and store rolled into one.
  • Design your profile and set up your store in a matter of minutes.
  • FREE to set up, no contract and no monthly subscription fee.
  • We take 10% commission on sales only. If you never sell anything, we never charge anything.
  • Profiles are computer, tablet and mobile friendly.
  • Choose from a range of stunning templates.
  • Customise with your own branding, images, colours and fonts.
  • Integrate Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, Google Maps, Spotify and Vimeo.
  • Tailor your side bar to highlight shows, merch offers and capture all important email addresses.
  • Use your own URL.
  • Start a blog, stream videos, create a gallery, promote tour dates and build your mailing list.
  • Use the CSS editor to customise your profile down to the pixel.
  • Contact our friendly team by email or instant chat for support.

Sell Tickets

  • Put tickets on sale in minutes.
  • Use the event calendar to plan, pencil and confirm events; ticket details will automatically update.
  • Access control systems are available on request, including staff and scanners
  • Create custom e-tickets.
  • Set up free tickets to collect fan data.
  • Release exclusive pre-sales.

Sell Merchandise

  • Sell anything e.g. t-shirts, photography, artwork or meet and greets.
  • Create bundles of products and apply discounts to incentivise customers.
  • Print on demand t-shirt service: no upfront cost, no stock risk, no packaging.
  • Self-fulfil or use Music Glue fulfilment centres.
  • Add tags and categories for easy navigation.
  • Intelligent stock management.
  • Hide pages and create unique URLs for pre-sales.


  • Send contracts to artists through the dashboard.
  • Allow artists to sell tickets from your allocation.
  • Create incentives for artists to market your ticket allocation.
  • Receive all ticket money directly.
  • Access real time sales data.

Apply to play

  • A concise and organised way to see all your artist applications in one place.
  • Extremely user friendly process for both artists and the venue.
  • There is no sign up fee for the artist and no fee for the venue.
  • Embed our unique sign up box on your profile or website in seconds.
  • Review, rate and filter artist submissions from the easy to use dashboard.
  • You're a team of bookers? Give access to multiple contributors.
  • Export all your artist data into a spreadsheet.
  • Case studies, demo video and more info on our deck here.

Awesome Tech & Marketing Tools

  • Built specifically for the music business; we know what you need.
  • We offer the same technology, tracking and reporting tools to everyone for free.
  • You own and can export your data.
  • Use the mail chimp app to send newsletters to fans.
  • Refer to the global heatmap: know where fans are and what they buy.
  • Utilise Google analytics to track sales, visits, referrals and more.
  • Use your Facebook and Twitter pixel ID for conversion tracking and to build custom audiences.
  • Create discount vouchers to reward fans.
  • Sell within Facebook with the Music Glue app.
  • Embed/tweet/share products and purchases across socials.
  • Set up multiple users, with different permission settings.