'...one to watch throughout 2021. The artistry and production of this song is undeniable...'

Naomi Smith - Music Insider

'... hints of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Anna Calvi...she'd be right at home playing in some divey bar in Twin Peaks.'

Tom Robinson - BBC6 Music

'You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star' - Nietzsche

I found music the way some people find God… in a state of existential despair that demands either drug-induced oblivion or a clear path to salvation. Fortunately, I found salvation... in a drum kit. I literally tapped into talent I didn’t know I had. I spent the fees I was awarded for my PhD post in Philosophy on a drum kit and played 8 hours a day for months on end. It was like an extended primal scream. Soon I had an intense desire to write songs, so I taught myself guitar and then piano. And finally, I dared to open my mouth and sing. Music has saved me.

I played drums for several bands until I decided to front my own as EMBERHONEY and released 3 singles, an EP and a live LP.

For the last 2 years I've been studying composition and music production creating a cinematic sonic world demanded by my artistic vision. Consequently on the last release I wrote, recorded and produced the music and directed and edited the video. 'Until The Stars Burn Out' is a cinematic Neo-noir Indie anthem about redemption, salvation and triumph over limitations.

For the next EP 'The Ghost in the Machine', I’ve written a series of self-recorded and produced songs complete with music videos.

'The Ghost in the Machine' will be announced soon followed by EMBERHONEY Live Dates in 2021.

Welcome to the Embersphere

EMBERHONEY - Until The Stars Burn Out