White Gold: Out Now

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Written at the height of the first lockdown in 2020, White Gold is a sociopolitical commentary that showcases our more melodic side, while treating ears to a soundscape of distortion and drop-tuned chaos.

Zac wrote the lyrics 2 hours after he attended a BLM protest in Brighton, inspired and impassioned by the events. The right to protest is at the heart of our democracy, and our outrage at losing that liberty due to the PCSC bill has retroactively added further to the song’s meaning.

The song’s name ‘White Gold’ is inspired by the alloy’s construction. Originally developed to imitate platinum, it’s a metal much more precious than its parts - we saw a parallel in our civilisation; how our society is much stronger together than as a racist, ‘proud’, white-washed country that is propped up by the work of the oppressed. The world we see today is in fact a melting pot of different races - an alloy of different people, races, cultures and creeds, and it is something we should celebrate. Everyone should be treated fairly, and that change comes from within each and every one of us. The first step is acknowledging the past, becoming an ally, and moving forward to build a better future together.

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