Forced to Smile: Out Now

Our new single 'Forced to Smile' is out now on Lockjaw Records!

Stream the track here

Watch the official video here

“We’ve been sitting on this song in particular for over two years now and we’re so relieved and excited to finally be putting it out into the world. Since writing 'Forced to Smile', it feels as though the lyrics have come into sharper focus given the social/political landscape of the past year.

"The majority of Parliament have recently shrugged off the changing of vital laws that directly impact the LGBTQI+ community and how their gender/identification is legally recognised. This blatant dismissal of human rights is something we cannot accept in 2021 – 'Forced to Smile' is about not accepting our reality as ‘good enough’. The song also tackles the subject of toxic masculinity that is engrained deep into our society. Living day to day and forcing ourselves to be happy, forcing ourselves to smile, just to keep going. We dream to make a difference in whatever way we can.”

Music video directed by El Moono & GLKMedia. Filmed, edited, colour graded by GLKMedia.

Recorded by Tom Hill at the Bookhouse Studio Produced and mixed by Sam Coveney at The Old Chapel Studios and Small Pond

Artwork by Dan Hillier

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