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I felt that I had to write to you to express the sheer joy I felt, during and after your concert. Your beautiful CD is a truly inspired and moving piece of art. Congratulations! It very much added to my experience of Christmas this year.

That was the best 20 mins of listening in my life. Songwriter; 'Why Delilah'

Extraordinary. Your 'take' on that song is unique. I've recorded it several times for the writers. Tom Brooks; producer, 25 million sold albums.

I have been listening to your CD in the car a lot. I cannot help shedding tears at the beauty of it. I feel peace and joy when I listen to your music and get creative inspiration for my projects when I listen to your album. Creative businessman and entrepreneur.

In our company we aim to achieve the kind of excellence you represent. I would be honoured if you would perform at our annual company event. Managing Director, HERMES, London.

‘The voice of Deborah Holmes was the most unusual on the stage. The INDEPENDENT critic at a performance of Aida

‘Deborah Holmes is a passionate artist. She commands the audience's attention in every performance. She packs every project that she embarks upon with energy, enthusiasm and commits with her entire being.....

Deborah's creativity, technique and understanding of the voice are outstanding. She is more than just a singer as she understands the whole purpose of the music - the meaning, the strength and the heart. What she conveys to her audience is tangible, palpable and charged with emotion and perceptive interpretation.....

I have seen her music reach and impact people of all ages, from all walks of life and cultures in a profound way.... it’s remarkably authentic yet accessible....

She brings a fresh and dynamic take on classical music when she blends it with contemporary songs. Deborah has a huge array of successes which are to her credit and point to yet even greater professional accomplishments to come. I am sure I cannot say too many good things about her’. Colin Dye. Pastor and ex Royal Ballet soloist

‘Will you give me your phone number? If you give me your phone number I can call you and you can sing to me any time I want. What a voice!’

‘Your voice is amazing, both so incredibly rich and so pure at the same time’.

‘Listening to your album over and over again healed me from the grief of the recent loss of my father through the release of many tears and I knew it would be alright.’

To small child; ‘do you like it?’ Small child ‘I'm still trying to work it out. I think perhaps I’d like to be able to do that myself one day.’

‘When I listened to you sing I had a real sense of eternity.’ (Listener; concert broadcast from London’s Royal Albert Hall)

‘Wow’ (......outburst of tears) Waitress

9/10 rating. Mike Rimmer, Cross Rhythms.

‘I feel peace and joy as I listen to your music.’

‘That was remarkable. I will never forget it. What a voice.’

Fantastic! You can’t buy it, can you?’

‘Keep going. DO NOT STOP SINGING. I think I'm in love! ‘No. Believe me. It’s the music’.

'There are in this world singers and singers. When Deborah Holmes stands up to sing, you are knocked sideways. A Maria Callas, an Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, a Katherine Jenkins can, for example, sing an aria from the 'Messiah' and it sounds and is magnificent. When Debbie Holmes sings an aria from the Messiah, it is not simply a wonderful performance. You know that she knows whereof she sings.....

......This is an extraordinary talent, not only in the vocal range and outstanding technical expertise of her singing but in the glorious spiritual and emotional depth of it.....

.......Her composing ability is also outstanding. Every person with or without a musical background recognises instantly that they are in the presence of prodigy.....

.....I've heard opera singers but never anything like this. Debbie Holmes is a phenomenal musician. You absolutely have to hear her. Olave Snelling Chair/CEO of CBC.

‘I heard you and just had to park, walk back and listen.’

‘I believe you are going to be a household name.’

‘You sing well. VERY well.’

‘I've just flown thousands and thousands of miles and you’ve just stopped me in my tracks. Amazing! You REALLY love what you’re doing don’t you?'

‘Thank you for making everything so much better here today.’

I'm performing in that theatre. I heard you while I was getting ready I just had to come down and find out where your voice was coming from and listen.’

‘That song is her favourite. She was in bed when she heard but we had to come and find you and listen. Girl in pyjamas in coat with mum.

‘I'm 24 and I've been an alcoholic for 8 years my dad too for as long as I can remember. I can’t sleep at night but this kind of music really helps.’

You should be singing in THAT building. Ref; Royal Opera House, Covent Garden; Principal Soloist.

I heard you a few minutes ago and had to come back. I really feel my mum should hear that. Do you have a recording?

‘We've just been having a business meeting over there. We kept stopping to listen when we could. ‘You lift the spirits of this place and bring life in.


'Your music is so moving. Moves me to tears.'

'Dear Deborah, You were an angel singing today. So lucky I was that I heard your voice, wishing you all the best, will keep on looking for you, I will tell all my friends; lovers of the 'Beautiful voice' yours.

Fantastic singing. You're a great artist !!!!!!!! Mauro Uselli (flautist)