After years of solo tours, bad record deals and the odd single release means Dave O’Grady spent the last 15 years practicing his craft as an apprentice songwriter, now comes the time for his first offering of songs. The Psych/Folk outfit fronted by the Dublin born songwriter and produced by Rich Robinson was a result of a chance meeting during studio recordings in Nashville, 2011, followed by a couple US and European tours together, Dave and Rich began writing in California. The pair penned a number of songs together in the hills of Topanga, which naturally came to be the debut Seafoam Green album.

"Whichever way you look at it with Dave O’ Grady, it all boils down to what makes him great.” - Liverpool Student Media

"A perfect cocktail of folk, blues and pop." - Marthijn De Wit, RTV NOF, Holland

"There is a definite talent here. It's something pure and raw, which draws you in and makes you listen…something you don't hear a lot of nowadays!" - Chris Felton, Metro Radio

“A hidden treasure”" - High Voltage Magazine

"A great talent " - BBC Radio Merseyside

"A man bestowed with natural talent ... O Grady has the women swooning and the men jealous" - Bido Lito Magazine

"He has an irresistible tone to his voice that comes across as emotional, haunting, pleading & bitter-sweet." - I Review Rock