__________DARK QUARTERER__________________ The band’s origins date back to the early 1970s, when, under the name of “Omega Erre”, the trio made up of Gianni Nepi (bass and voice), Paolo Ninci (drums) and Fulberto Serena (guitar) spend about eight years playing hard rock covers. The group “Dark Quarterer” comes into existence in 1980 to provide an answer to the musicians’ own musical ideas. In the following twelve years the albums “Dark Quarterer” and “Etruscan Prophecy” are produced. For its deeply personal stylistic touch, the group is considered the creator of a new genre (epic/progressive). Both albums are still cult for lovers all over the world. When the musicians are about to reap the fruit of their work, Fulberto leaves the band; it will take three years before the new collaboration with Sandro Tersetti, the guitarist who takes Serena’s place in the group, starts bearing fruit. A new album comes out (“War tears”, produced in Germany), with a different sound for the contribution of the new member, which also belongs to that classic evergreen discography. About five years later, Tersetti also leaves the group, and his place is taken by the then 19-year-old Francesco Sozzi who will give a new turn to the DQ’s style. Two new albums are produced, one with the trio line-up, the other with the contribution of Francesco Longhi at the keyboards; he will join the band permanently in 2004. “Violence” and “Symbols” are the titles of the two albums which come out respectively in 2002 and 2008. The changes in line-up and record-making keep the band away from the stage; since 2004, however, thanks to the group’s increasing stability, live-activity has been constantly increasing and the band has taken part in many prestigious European festivals. Live concerts have also become increasingly more frequent, with their fans’ growing approval. This all brings to the production of the Live DVD “Under the spell” in 2010 (a two-hour-and-a-half concert recorded in a 19th century theatre, located in a medieval Tuscan hamlet) and for the same year at least three more recordings are contemplated with My Graveyard Productions, a label with which the band has been profitably linked for a few years. In 2011, still with the MGP they release a double live CD taken from the DVD "Under The Spell" and finally in September 2012 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the debut album, comes fully arranged and played by the current lineup of their first album "Dark Quarterer "was registered as a new disk. Currently the band is working on the songs that will make up the track list of the new studio album whose release is planned in january 2015 and planning the live activity.

DISCOGRAPHY: 1987 Dark Quarterer (also re-released vinyl and CD support) 1989 Etruscan Prophecy (also re-released vinyl and CD support) 1995 War Tears (also re-released CD support) 2002 Violence 2008 Symbols 2010 Under The Spell (Live DVD) 2011 the double CD Live from “Under The Spell” 2012 “Dark Quarterer The XXV” totally Replayed and arranged by the actually line-up. 2013 The Shadow Kingdom Records release a double cd package containing first edition of 1987 Dark Quarterer remastered + Dark Quarterer XXV Anniversary and distributes it in U.S.A. 2014 Working at new studio album, programmed release from january 2015. 2016 The release "ITHACA", the sixth studio album, "Ithaca" is the journey of Odysseus description, metaphor of the path that each of us does in life, journey where what matters is the journey itself and not the destination. Album released on CD and vinyl (double LP). CD with label "Metal On Metal" and vinyl with "Cruz Del Sur Records".

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALS THEY WERE: 2004 Keep It True II (Germany) 2007 Play It Loud (Italy) 2008 Up The Hammers III (Greece) 2009 Hammer Of Doom (Germany) Malta Doom Metal Fest (Isle of Malta) 2010 Metal Merchants Fest (Norway) Heavy Metal Night (Italy) Metal Forces Fest (Germany) 2012 Power Of The Night Fest VII (Isle Of Cyprus) 2013 MuskelRock Fest (Sweden) Malta Doom Metal Fest V (Isle Of Malta) 2014 Play It Doom Fest (Italy) Teilia Fest (France) Metal Magic Fest VI (Denmark) Doom Over Vienna IX (Austria)

2015 Italia Di Metallo Fest 2° (Italy) 2016 Acciaio Italiano Fest (Italy) Black Magic Night (Spain) Colony Prog Fest (Italy) Isola Rock Fest (Italy) 2017 Metal Keeper Fest (Portugal) Prog Italian Festival II (Italy) Gob's of Metal III (Italy)

The band also headlining many gigs in venues all around Europe (Athens (GR), Goteborg (SW), Oslo (NW), Nicosia (CY), Rome (IT), Florence (IT), Miland (IT) and many others).

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