Black Music (CD) - Dark Horses

Black Music (CD)

The Debut CD Album


Conceived in the cosmos, brought up by Richard Fearless, parented by Dark Horses, 2012's Black Music is the band's debut album.

Artrocker UK Dark Horses 'Radio' wins single of 2012 - Album of the month ★★★★★ "It's never felt so good to be so devastatingly alone. Luckily, with Dark Horses, we're all alone together."

1/Rose 2/Radio 3/Alone 4/Boxing Day 5/No Dice 6/Chain Chant 7/Traps 8/Count Me In ( Feat Thomas Meighan ) 9/Black Music 10/Sanningen Om Dig 11/Road To Nowhere 12/S.U.N 13/Anna Minor 14/The Archer